Boat and jetski GPS tracker

EasyTrak | It connects you directly to your watercraft in real time via an App and alerts you to any problems.

About the EASYTRAK

Direct connection to your boat.

Once installed, the EasyTrak is ready for use. You can therefore see at any time where your boat or jetski is and act very quickly in case of problems.

The EasyTrak operates on 12 & 24V making it universal. It can also be used on other machines such as motorcycles, cars, construction machines thanks to its automatic configuration

Our solutions

Unique post-theft protection solution

Recover your stolen vehicle safely and without your intervention. Avoid all complications related to the theft of your boat or jetski

Theft of your boat

Someone enters your boat. Your vehicle has been stolen

Instant notification

Our GPS tracker alerts you instantly in case of theft

24/7 assistance

You call our certified flight assistance available 24 hours a day

Recovered machine

Your vehicle is recovered by the police and returned to you quickly

Our services

The three main features


Locate the exact location of your boat in real time on your smartphone at any time


Analyze your navigations and find all the information concerning your boat and its parameters


Secure your property with our 24/7 alarm system and theft alerts

real time route

Connected security.

EasyTrak allows you to view your vehicle’s location anytime, anywhere. Its main objective is to illustrate in a clear and precise way that everything is under control or on the contrary, that your vehicle is in danger.

real time route

Flight assistance 24h/7D.

It ensures the geolocation of stolen vehicles and informs the police support point in compliance with Belgian legislation. The alarm center is approved by the Ministry of the Interior. Approval N°16.1027.01 – class A/B/C/D

real time route

Accident detection and reporting.

In the event of an accident, the EasyTrak GPS tracker instantly notifies the tracker owner and an additional contact person. A text message is sent to your relatives informing them of the place and time of the accident. For each accident, an analytical report is created detailing its course (impact speed, intensity of the shock in G, weather, impact point…).

Our solutions

Unique post-theft protection solution


Subscription without surprises!

EasyTrak includes a 12-month prepaid subscription that gives you immediate access to its many features.
Shortly before the expiration date, you will be invited to extend the service if you wish.

Renewal 99,00€ TTC per year | Unlimited Roaming (also outside Europe)

International Coverage

Flight assistance 24H/7D

Access to the MetaTrak Pulsar App

MetaTrak Plus

Mobile app


The EasyTrak comes with a mobile app and web access. Stay connected to your vehicle in all circumstances. Click on the button below to see all the features of MetaTrak Plus.

Why choose easytrak

A formidable weapon against theft

The EasyTrak GPS tracker is state of the art and ahead of current flight methods. It automatically communicates with you in real time in case of alerts or notifications.

Theft alerts

To Discover

Options for .

In addition


Anti-starting module Deadlock

When the EasyTrak is alerted, the engine cutoff module prevents the engine from starting. The immobilizer module is controlled remotely via the application.

In addition


ID-Tag Badge

This “Hands Free” badge allows the owner to be identified when the moteure is started. If the identification is not made, the owner is notified.

In the case of a “No tag – No start” configuration, this badge automatically deactivates the Deadlock function.




The EasyTrak is waterproof to IP67. This gives you a variety of placement options without risking damage to the EasyTrak if it comes into contact with water or dust.

Its miniaturized size allows it to be easily hidden anywhere via screw mounting or with the supplied adhesive.

The EasyTrak connects directly to the boat or jetski’s electrical system to provide power and real-time tracking.

Technical data