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MetaTrak Pulsar

Switch to discreet security and join the MetaTrak Pulsar application.


Viewing the last position

The main screen shows the location of the last position the PULSAR was able to detect. By clicking on the red icon, the details (date, time, etc.) are displayed.

Manual controls

Request for a position

This function is used when you want to update the location of the device. The Pulsar will send you its position as soon as it wakes up.

Active tracking

Tracking mode active in case of theft

This function is used in case of emergency when it is necessary to locate and track the device in real time. When it wakes up, the PULSAR will receive the request and update its location continuously (1 x per minute).


You keep the controls.

Set the position frequency

Upon awakening, the Pulsar alerts if it leaves its authorized zone

Set up the virtual garage yourself

In case of theft, direct call to the remote surveillance

Customize alert notifications

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Discover Pulsar, our autonomous GPS tracker

Pulsar offers an efficient solution when there is no continuous power source on board. Discreet and waterproof (IP67), it can be fixed anywhere even temporarily. Hidden under the hood of an outboard engine, it offers invisible protection.